Dr. Zeng Rongxiu Case Studies: Part Two

This one-day course is the companion-seminar to the original Zeng case study course presented in 2014. In this course, Dr. Versluys presents some of Dr. Zeng Rongxiu’s early case studies from the 1970’s.

Most of the Dr. Zeng case studies that we know today are produced during his later years of clinical practice, most notably the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. But the early case studies of the 1970’s are all records of Dr. Zeng’s clinical practice during the time when he was still actively studying with Dr. Tian. As such, these case studies are sometimes indistinguishable from Tian cases, and exude a rare freshness less obvious in Dr. Zeng’s later cases.

From studying these cases, we can see not just Dr. Zeng’s style, but also clearly see Dr. Tian’s undeniable style of clinical practice. Dr. Zeng’s book of case studies published in China mostly documents case studies from his later years and does not carry many of the 1970’s case studies. This makes this seminar offering extra unique!

Presenter: Arnaud Versluys, PhD, MD (China), Lac


NCCAOM 7 credits (CH)