ICEAM® Live Seminars

Prices vary at different ICEAM locations, based on the logistics of securing space for instruction, expected number of participating students, and other factors. Live seminar prices generally range from $551 – 667 per course.

Online purchase is available for most live seminars listed on, though not available for all locations at this time. Please contact us with any questions about securing your enrollment in any of our live seminars.

ICEAM Online Courses

Online courses are subscription-based. Subscribing to a course provides access for 6 months, after which the course will expire. This provides ample time for students to watch lesson videos, pass the final test and receive certification. If students wish to retain access to lessons beyond this 6 month period, the subscription can be renewed for an additional 6 months for 20% of the initial tuition.

At the conclusion of each subscription period students will receive a notification from the website with an invitation to renew the subscription. However, students are under no obligation to do so.

Students are able to subscribe to more than one course at a time. Each subscription period begins when the course is purchased, not the first time it is accessed by the student. Please bear this in mind when purchasing subscriptions to ICEAM courses, allowing enough time to complete each course.

Online course subscriptions can be managed on the Subscriptions page in the My Account section.



Bulk pricing discounts are available for online course purchases of $1000 or more. Discounts rates are as follows:

$1000 – 2000 | 5% discount

$2000 – 3000 | 10% discount

$3000+ | 15% discount


Registered ICEAM students currently enrolled in a university program receive a 10% discount on all online courses and live seminar package deals. This discount does not apply to Advanced online courses.

Registered ICEAM diplomates, who have completed all Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue courses, receive a 20% discount on all online courses and live seminar package deals. This discount does not apply to Advanced online courses.

Discounted prices will be reflected in the cart and at checkout. These discounts cannot be combined. The largest available discount will be applied at the time of purchase. (e.g. students who spend greater than $3000 will receive a 15% discount, not 10% student discount, and not 25% combined discount.)



Live seminar package deals, typically consist of 6-8 live courses, are discounted on an “early bird” basis, with sale prices available for early registrants. Student and Diplomate discounts apply to most package deals as well.



Payment plans are available in some cases, but cannot be purchased directly through Please contact us to learn more and discuss arrangement options.