How the Program Works

ICEAM® programs were developed to provide clinicians with the rare opportunity to access the classics, or canons, that form the foundation of East Asian medicine. The training fuses the clinical practicality typical to folk medicine with advanced medical insights. It is presented on a diagnostic level via advanced pulse diagnosis and abdominal palpation, and from a therapeutic perspective by applying both herbs and acupuncture as one streamlined process. No clinical specialty is left unaddressed, and the successful participant will be able to master the true classical practice of Chinese medicine for greater applicability and efficacy in modern clinical settings.

Learning Pathway

All students must enter into ICEAM training beginning with the DCCM® program. Successful DCCM graduates (Diplomates) are eligible to enter the Clinical Fellowship program (FICEAM®) and/or begin taking Advanced Training Seminars. Successful FICEAM graduates (Clinical Fellows) in good standing may apply to enter the Clinical Supervisor training. Clinical Fellows who have successfully completed all Advanced Training Seminars may apply to enter into Classroom Instructor training.



Diplomate Of Canonical Chinese Medicine® (DCCM)

DCCM training enables students educated in a Western didactic system to learn and grasp highly complicated medical information from the Han dynasty without knowing Chinese or having lived in China for long periods of time. DCCM training is a classroom-style simulation of the learning process that occurs when one is immersed in the discipleship training model of a traditional, lineage-based system. Upon successful completion of both sequences of the DCCM program, the student is certified by ICEAM as a Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine (DCCM).

DCCM Course Sequences:

Sequence 1: Shanghan Lun Training – 10 seminars

Sequence 2: Jingui Yaolue Training – 6 seminars

Eligibility and prerequisites

DCCM seminars: Open to everybody, regardless of background in Chinese medicine. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge of the classics or a beginning student still enrolled in a Chinese medicine college and without any herbal knowledge, you are welcome and encouraged to take our seminars. Many students without any former herbal training have graduated from our program and gone on to become famous herbalists.

DCCM Practicums: To register for a DCCM Pulse or Abdominal Diagnosis Practicum, a student MUST also be registered for ALL seminars preceding the practicum. The proprietary nature of the Tian-Zeng pulse diagnosis requires one to show more commitment to this tradition than the mere registration for a single seminar. This is the lifeblood of generations of physicians and has required hundreds of thousands of patient contacts to develop. We do not take it lightly – and so shouldn’t you.

Seminar formats

Seminars may be taken online or live at an ICEAM Location with the exception of Pulse and Abdominal Diagnosis Practicums, which are only offered as a live seminar. Live seminars are mostly conducted on weekends with the exception of advanced seminars, long retreats or clinical training days.

Continuing education credits

CE certificates are issued upon successful completion of each seminar. Learn more about CE credits on our Accreditations page.

Seminar sequence

All seminars must be taken in sequence, with successful completion of each seminar and its final exam being the prerequisite for admission to the next seminar. For live seminars, each student is allowed one missed seminar per sequence; the missed seminar must be taken via audio recording or online video.

Final exams

DCCM Candidates taking the online training must successfully pass the final examination for each individual seminar.

Further study opportunities

Upon graduation and certification as a Diplomate, the student is eligible to enter the Clinical Training Fellowship (FICEAM) and Advanced Training seminars.


Clinical Training Fellowship (Fellow of The Institute Of Classics in East Asian Medicine® or FICEAM®)

DCCM Diplomates in good standing may enter the FICEAM clinical training program. Canonical Chinese Medicine of the Zhang Zhongjing lineage is a purely clinical system; while it requires a certain theoretical and academic foundation, it only comes to life in clinic. As such, the DCCM graduate imperatively must treat clinical training as equal if not more important than the DCCM seminars.

Clinical fellows attend ICEAM organized group clinics or intern privately with ICEAM’s approved clinical supervisors. The program consists of 400-600 hours of supervised clinical observation followed by written and clinical exams.

After successful completion of clinical training, the student will receive ICEAM’s clinical fellowship certification as Fellow of the Institute of Classics East Asian Medicine (FICEAM). This title can be maintained lifelong, as long as the Fellow remains in good standing with the Institute, per the current applicable guidelines.

Requirements for clinical (FICEAM) certification

1) Diplomate in good standing

2) Observe 400 patient contacts with a Senior Clinical Supervisor/ Master Clinical Supervisor or observe 600 patient contacts with a Clinical Supervisor

3) Successfully complete case study exam (10 cases written up)

4) Successfully complete clinical exam (3 live patients under supervision)


Advanced Training Programs

DCCM Diplomates in good standing may register for Advanced Seminars, which are the final step in the development of a theoretical and academic understanding of Canonical Chinese Medicine. The senior-most instructor of ICEAM, on an annual basis, will offer one Advanced Seminar on cutting-edge research performed by him personally, or lecture on subject matter previously unavailable in the West. Advanced Seminars may also feature guest speakers, such as, for example, other Tian lineage® holders. Videos of Advanced Seminars of previous years are also available to eligible students online. Advanced Seminars are hosted in cities worldwide on a rotating basis.


Sign Up For A Course – Online Or In Person

DCCM students can take any combination of live and online seminars. To see what an ICEAM seminar is like, click on the sample videos on the Courses page. To get started, register for the first DCCM seminar, Elementary Aspects of Canonical Chinese Medicine.

Receive Continuing Education Credits

Upon successful completion of a seminar, students receive a certificate of continuing education or professional development credits. For details, visit our Accreditations page.

Online Forum: Engage With Others Worldwide

All ICEAM students have access to the Online Student Forum, a tool for engaging with instructors, graduates and fellow students worldwide that is especially helpful to online students.


“If you are craving clear and immediately clinically relevant access to classical Chinese medicine I would highly recommend you take Dr. Versluys canonical Chinese medicine training.” – Alon Marcus, DOM, LAc, DAAPM


Guide to Online Seminars

Online seminars serve as an alternative for those who are unable to attend live courses, or as refresher courses for graduated Diplomates.

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Instructor & Clinical Supervisor Training

Diplomates and Fellows who wish to become part of the ICEAM Classroom Instruction and Clinical Supervisory teams may apply for further training on a limited basis.

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