What is the Canonical Chinese Medicine Training™ program offered by ICEAM, LLC?

The training is a program that teaches one to practice Chinese herbal medicine based on Han dynasty methods as described in the Treatise on Cold Damage shanghan lun and Essentials of the Golden Cabinet jingui yaolue. The program is designed by Dr. Arnaud Versluys.

Who can take the Training?

Anybody can take the training. Though it will make most sense to practitioners with a certain level of expertise in Chinese medicine, the Training is open to people with students still in Chinese medicine school or even people with no prior Chinese medicine experience whatsoever.

Do I get a diploma when I finish the training?

The training does not confer an academic degree. Upon completion of the training, the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine (ICEAM, LLC) confers the certification of Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine (DCCM™).

How is the Training offered?

The training can be taken either in online format or by live seminar. In the online training, you will watch videos of the live training. In the live training, you will come and attend live seminars at any of ICEAM’s locations. You can choose to take any combination of both online and live courses while working towards your DCCM. Note that clinical practicums are only offered live.

Are there any exams?

Yes. To complete the online training, you will need to successfully pass a short exam at the end of each seminar. To graduate from the live seminar training and obtain the DCCM certification, you will also need to successfully complete the aforementioned exams.

Can I take the Training without taking the exams?

For online training, you have to take exams. There is no option not to. For live seminars, you can opt out of the exams if you just wish to just get CEU’s but not pursue DCCM certification.

Why should I pursue the DCCM certification?

It is a quality mark and shows that you have undergone extensive training above and beyond what is required, to become a better herbalist and serve your patients better. By becoming a DCCM you join an ever-growing global family of the top 1% of Chinese herbalists. Further, as a DCCM, you will be allowed access to advanced study materials and seminars, as well as enjoy lifelong discounts on various ICEAM products and services, including CEU seminars.

Can I get CEU credits for taking ICEAM seminars?

Yes. All of ICEAM’s seminars are certified by the NCCAOM and can be used to fulfill your bi-annual licensing renewal requirements per your State or local regulatory agency. Some seminars are also California or Texas certified. Most foreign countries recognize ICEAM seminars as continuing professional development activities. To confirm eligibility, please consult the credit-granting institution from which you wish to receive credit before registering for an ICEAM course. You can also find more specific information for each country via the Locations page.

How do I get my CEU certificates?

For online training, you will be able to download the certificates. For live seminars you will receive either a paper certificate or an emailed pdf.

Can I take individual seminars and not the whole Training?

Absolutely. You may choose to just take the seminar(s) that interest you, or opt to attend the full training. We do, however, recommend to study the seminars in sequential order as the design of the program is as such that the next seminar always builds on the preceding one.

If I sign up for online courses, can I still take some live seminars as well?

Absolutely. You are free to make a combination between online and live seminars as you make your way towards DCCM certification.

Who are the instructors?

The Training is designed by Dr. Arnaud Versluys. For online seminars, all but the Fukushin seminars are taught by Dr. Versluys. For live seminars, a team of instructors co-teach the courses. For more information you may refer to the Faculty and Leadership page.

For online courses, is there an instructor I can contact with questions?

As a student of the Institute you have the right to use the Online Forum. This online community is a valuable tool for engaging with instructors, graduates and fellow students from around the world. If you attend a course in person, you’ll be able to maintain contact with the dynamic group of like-minded learners with whom you have been sharing ideas and experiences. If you choose to take one or more courses online, the forum becomes an even more important learning tool, allowing you to connect with a community of learners who share a similar path to yours. We encourage you to connect with the ICEAM community available to you as soon as you begin your studies. The forum is where you can post all your seminar-related questions.

How long is each seminar?

Each seminar is an average of 14-16 hours long. The live seminars (with the exception of some clinical seminars) are typically held over a weekend; that is, 7-8 hours on Saturday and 7-8 hours on Sunday.

What if I sign up for the Training but have to miss a seminar?

Every student enrolled in the full training has to right to miss one seminar per sequence and still graduate providing they make up for the missed seminar. To make up for a missed seminar you can attend the same seminar at a different location where ICEAM is running the same course, free of charge. Or you have to watch the online videos of the missed seminar. If you missed more than one seminar, while you received free credit to make up for one missed seminar per sequence, you will have to pay again to attend all the other missed ones.

If you missed a live Pulse seminar or Fukushin seminar, you will have to take the seminar at a different location as there is no way to take the pulse and abdominal diagnosis seminars online.

I signed up for the training, but I don’t like it. Can I get a refund?

There are no full or partial refunds after the training has started. You do keep the credit, in case you change your mind and want to ultimately take the training somewhere after all. You may not transfer or sell this credit to another person. There are only refunds available before the training has started, per our cancellation and refund policy.

I am a teacher in Chinese medicine. Can I use some of the materials from the course and publish an article, or teach a class or seminar?

Absolutely not! All content of the Training is under copyright and is the intellectual property of Dr. Arnaud Versluys and is protected by all concerning laws and regulations. By taking any of ICEAM’s seminars, be they live or online, you, the participant, acknowledge that all information provided during this continuing education course training series is proprietary information and shall continue to be the exclusive property of Dr. Arnaud Versluys and ICEAM, LLC. You agree not to disclose the proprietary information, directly or indirectly, under any circumstances or by any means, to any third person without the express written consent of Dr. Arnaud Versluys. You may use the proprietary information for your own personal practice, but shall not copy, transmit, teach, reproduce, summarize, quote, or make any commercial use whatsoever of proprietary information, with or without financial gain, without the express written consent of Dr. Arnaud Versluys.

Due to rampant disrespect of intellectual property and the prevalence of piracy in the Chinese medicine community, we take this matter very seriously and will pursue any perpetrator to the fullest extent of the law.

Can I download the videos?

No, the videos cannot be downloaded. They are viewable in your account on the ICEAM site. Obtaining, viewing or using the videos anywhere other than in your account on the ICEAM site is a breach of our policy and your user agreement and will result in termination of your account and legal liabilities.