The Can and Cannot Lines of the Jingui Yuhan Jing

Dr. Versluys presents on a selection of chapters from the Jade Envelope in the Golden Cabinet or Jingui Yuhan Jing. This is a classic that displays content from both the Song dynasty Shanghan Lun as well as the Jingui Yaolue, and is compiled by Wang Shuhe in the Jin dynasty, based on the scrolls he retrieved.

Scrolls five and six include important chapters on treatment indication and contra-indication not included in the standard Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue. These chapters will elucidate guidelines on when the treatment methods of sweating, purging, emitting, warming, fire treatment, moxa, needling, and water treatment, are indicated or contra-indicated. And while in the regular Shanghan Lun, some clauses indeed address the same subject matter; the scope and structure of these important chapters exceed anything seen elsewhere.

Presenter: Arnaud Versluys, PhD, MD (China), Lac


NCCAOM 14 credits (AOM 12+ Safety 2) (NCCAOM, CALIFORNIA)