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ICEAM® programs offer licensed practitioners of East Asian medicine worldwide the rare opportunity to gain deeper theoretical knowledge and greater clinical efficacy through mastery of the Han dynasty canonical teachings.

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Advanced Training Sequence: Expanded Offerings

Eight new advanced level courses are now available for “Diplomate” level learners.

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Our Mission

ICEAM is dedicated to the teaching, research and clinical application of the Han dynasty style of medicine according to the principles of the Shanghan Lun and the Jingui Yaolue, thereby promoting the improvement of public health worldwide and preserving the lineage and stylistic identity of Canonical Chinese Medicine for future generations.

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What Others Are Saying

Dr. Versluys has a high degree of integrity and cheerful personality.

Guohui Liu, MMed, LAc

Professor, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Author, ‘Warm Pathogen Disease: A Clinical Guide’

I first heard about Mr. Versluys years ago when my mentor in China reported that ‘an outstanding Belgian student’ had entered the local TCM master’s program to study under his tutelage.

Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc

Founding Professor, School of Classical Chinese Medicine, National College of Natural Medicine

Arnaud Versluys is uniquely qualified to teach the Shanghan Lun, a text with tremendous depth and the root of the internal medicine tradition in Chinese medicine.

Z’ev Rosenberg, MS, LAc

Dean, Herbal Medicine Department, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

If you are craving clear and immediately clinically relevant access to classical Chinese medicine I would highly recommend you take Dr. Versluys canonical Chinese medicine training.

Alon Marcus, DOM, LAc, DAAPM

Author, ‘Foundations for Integrative Musculoskeletal Medicine’


ICEAM offers a unique training pathway consisting of the following programs:

Canonical Chinese Medicine Training™ (Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine or DCCM®)

Canonical Chinese Medicine Training™ Clinical Fellowship (Fellow of the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine or FICEAM®)

Post-graduate Advanced Training

The programs provide students and licensed practitioners of East Asian Medicine with training that emulates the classical model of discipleship (apprenticeship) and instructs in the clinical application of the Han dynasty classics with a purity and efficacy formerly unattainable in the West. Courses are eligible for CEU and/or PDA credits and may be taken online or at ICEAM campus locations worldwide.

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