Any kind of surgical procedure is not reversible, full stop. So it is his choice, but once it is, done it’s done. But if his heart is set on it, then while he’s waiting what harm could a few bags of herbs do? The first person I treated post ablation had a constant feeling of caving in of the chest with a constant feeling of ‘cold knotting’ (their words), and still had occasional palpitations. I often teach the case as it is a good example of a GZGCT after damage to heart yang. Other patients I’ve seen since all seem to still have cardiac issues and symptoms, and also unsurprising weak heart yang from our perspective.Treatment wise tachycardia needs GZ, and very often FZ, at the root, and since I’ve been going higher on the GZ, up to 60, results are definitely better and faster. Ht/Kid is also often seen, and also there is often the need to build earth to hold yang (TXS+GZRST+FL type) or to build pericardium nutritive too (SQW+TXS type). But do make sure they are well harmonised and the stomach is open before going in with the heavy yang tonification, as if not this will exacerbate the tachycardia, and often opening the stomach and descending yang will start to calm it at the yang conformation stage (see GGQLT). Also I’ve often seen people who are being treated with yang tonifying treatments have bouts of tachycardia returning; this often goes with harmonising pretty quickly, it basically follows a very similar pattern to most yang restoring treatments.