I was just thinking creatively about GZJHQT from the point of view of the progression of yellow sweat disease that has gone on for a long time . Chapter 14 line 29 of the JGYL says: “If (yellow sweat manifests) with heat effusion after sweating, over time the body will inevitably develop encrusted skin. If heat effusion is incessant, it will inevitably engender malign sores.” Also: “All sores belong to the heart” as we see in the 19 lines. I was thinking about what might happen if heat effusion is continuously striking the skin and tissues, the fluid layer would heat up and then the blood layer would heat up, developing into sores or perhaps a skin rash later on. It’s not in the notes, and I apologize if I am off base here. Just trying to think of possible progressions of the pathology . Often we see clients after problems have gone on for a long time. I would think that it might begin to show up in the pulse a little by first showing the beginning of the heating up of the blood layer, before switching patterns completely . My sincerest apologies if it was misleading. I should have made it clear that it was my own thoughts on the subject.