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      Coleman McMurphy

      Need help with a case. Elderly female patient wanting a formula for non Parkinsonā€™s tremor. Recently been on FJHQT for damp joint pain condition and has been doing well on thaT but tremor persists. Not really sure how to interpret her pulse. L1 thin wiry, L2 and R2 possible dong? Its got a very defined thin wiry bump near second position, but not sure if it is between positions or on the position. L3 deep but round and with strength. R1 tight wiry, R1 and R2 bigger and hollow than other positions. R3 deepest position. Bowels are ok; tends to feel chilled easily

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      Often tremors are treated with DG or SDH method from my understanding, so SQW is a go-to, and DGSNT or DGJZT. Or you can add the blood loss mod to the JZT. Another formula that combines DG and SDH is JAT which has hollow pulses. I’d be leaning to do DGJZT plus SDH and EJ first.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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