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      Martine Cornelissen

      Hi all, I’ld like some advice about this: 33yr old woman, secondary infertility. She has the classical DGSNT signs as: very cold hands and feet, she’s very thin, tends to stress. Her L-pulse is deep, thin, expiring. But what I don’t know what to do with is the r-guan: it’s wiry and mid-depth. R chi and cun deep, weak. She has a very big appetite. No glomus. In TCM-terms I would interprete that as some stomach-heat. So my question; is there a suitable modification for the DGSNT for this lady, or should I go for another formula?

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      Lettie de Wit

      Hey Martine, I give it a try R guan wiry means wood invading earth. With the left side Dang Gui wiry expiring you could maybe think about DGSYS?

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      Start with DGJZT, and when the right guan drops, then do DGSNT.Some women alternate between the two formulas. She sounds like a cold (DGSNT) and dry (DGJZT) type of constitution.

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