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      Emma Howe

      53 year old woman. Brest cancer treatment 6 years ago. Has been on tamoxifen since. Complete hysterectomy 6 months after breast cancer treatment. Symptoms include hot flushes, insomnia (3 hours of sleep max a night), but most of all weight gain and edema. Put on in excess of 20kg and just cannot shift it at all. To the point where after a heavy bout of gastro and therefore a good clean out and very little food going in, her weight did not change in the slightest (her husband lost 6kg that same week with the same thing). Have been treating for a few months with SQW, ZWT formulas and sleep has improved to 4-5 hours a night, night sweats and hot flushes are greatly reduced (now just hot all the time rather than flushes and sweats). Pulses are all over deep. Hard to ascertain any other qualities.

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      There’s a JZT pulse that sounds like this, but I’m not sold.

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      Hi Emma, I own Im new to all this but my experience with cancer treatments is that they leave the patient with deep cold, and I believe it destroys yang. I have been having some good results with long term warming yang formulas. Hope this helps

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      Maybe something like MHFZXXT or YBT+FZ.

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      All deep with swelling sounds like a shao yin pulse, so yeah, ZWT sounds good. However, if that isn’t producing sufficient results, then MHFZXXT does also fit the pulse, providing there aren’t too many signs of floating yang, if there are, you could focus your ZWT more on upper body swelling by adding XR (FLXRGCT). A back up option to this is to try approaching it as a Shui Qi Bing, and give FJHQT. If that doesn’t do it, then you could try combining FZ and FJ&HQi approaches together (I’d typically go ZWT+FJFLT in that case, as though the swelling is more upper body, the DZ in FJHQT doesn’t really seem right with a ZWT). Though I’d try them alone first.

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