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      A patient of mine has a newborn infant—2weeks old and he is vomiting milk. He can’t seem to keep anything down. Just a week ago, her other child (age 2) was vomiting everything, water included, so we did Wu Ling San, and it cleared it up after the first dose! Anyway, she had some leftover so she just called me tonight and asked if she could mix WLS into a baby bottle for him, and I told her I honestly had no idea, but that I thought it’d be a good idea for her baby to get an IV (he’s been vomiting a lot). Has anyone ever used that, or anything else, for a newborn this young who can’t keep anything down?

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      I can’t speak to herbs, but our baby was projectile vomiting a lot, and it was food allergies from what Mama was eating. Once she cut out milk, chocolate and wheat (poor lady), there was no more vomiting.Kellymom.com has some good articles about food allergies. Cruciferous vegetables can also be a big trigger. Not sure if that’s the deal here but just sharing our experience. It was a dramatic change for us after a few days of avoidance.

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      That’s great advice, Kevin Laux. Got a middle of the night text..Her baby apparently kept Pedialyte down once she got her to the hospital (he wasn’t before, though) so it makes me wonder now if indeed something is going on with the milk. He’s both breast and bottle fed (Weston Price raw milk formula), because his mom has insufficient glandular tissue to make much milk. She has been taking all sorts of herbs (DGJZT plus Sheng Di and E Jiao) as well as Zhu Pi Da Wan. I’m going to try to narrow it down to see which exactly he’s holding down—breast or formula, or neither. Thank you!!

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