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      Coleman McMurphy

      Female patient and 40 yrs old. Has a history of lesions on lungs and recent round of low dose chemo with upcoming round in 2 months. Recent scans have shown reduction in size and number of lesions.Sx: night sweats (sometimes servere), decreased thirst in last two weeks, subcostal fullness and pain and pain along GB channel, as well at T10-12 area. BMs are incomplete, and she feels very cold easily. No heat effusion, and especially cold feet. Has a dry cough, but has been better as of late. Has swelling and pain in the ST12 area of the neck (possibly swollen lymph glands), which comes and goes. I have been keeping her on CHGZGJT + WWZ for many months. It definitely keeps the subcostal presentation, night sweat, and neck swellings in check. Though, it’s not resolving completely. When she doesnt’ take the herbs diligently, it gets much worse. As of yesterday her pulses were: L: dong 1/2, L2: thin wiry, slippery at depth, L3: deep weak. R1/R2: very deep, but strong and slippery at a deep level. Her pulse is definitely rapid and R2 feels like it gets stronger and stronger the deeper you go. Could this be a DCHT Type scenario where there is yangming closure?

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