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      So I have a patient who is a few months removed from a crystal meth and psychedelic drug addiction, and anyway, when she came in she had scabs all over her body from picking at her skin. She feels very unrooted/ungrounded and feels some sort of dark demonic entity has attached itself to her. Of course I thought of FJDHT or CHJLGMLT, but her pulse was kind of a mystery to me. It was pretty deep, slippery and extremely rapid (130-140) in all positions. Her guans were especially big and slippery. Try as I might, though, I didn’t feel much of a wiry quality to her left guan to confirm CHJLGMLT. It was just deep, big, slippery and rapid. Assuming I got a good read on her pulse (and I think I did), does anyone have an idea of what formula would match her pulse best?

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      PCOS Case

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