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      Young boy–10 years old–with hypopastic left heart syndrome. Has had 3 surgeries to reroute blood flow as, he was born with a congenital defect. More or less no left ventricle. Chief complaints include bed wetting (has urgency when he realizes he has to go, but does not feel or wake at night, which may occur 2-4x when they used a bedwetting alarm in past; now they use a pull up). Young lad has no real complaints other than small in stature and gets gassy/bloating. He has 2-3BM per day, and they tend to be loose. Likes spicy hot foods and avoids dairy. Does have medications: 2 diuretics to ease the workload of the heart by decreasing fluids. No irregular rhythm, palps or poking up, and his hands and feet were warm. He has no irregular sweats. Takes enalapril, lasix, adeirea and spiralactone meds. Tongue- thin body, dry, no coating, purplish color, red tip and LV/GB stasis spots (more purple/blue). Pulse: L: superficial thin cun, rolls up, (I suspect dong 1/2), thin wiry guan, deep chi. (I felt like a ht/kd not communicating, but no s/s to backup and given his size the positions are pretty close). R: overall weaker than left (had to wait and search), all thin and deep weak chi. Abdominal palpation- multiple surgical scars, ticklish, tight in inguinal regions, but did not elicit sharp stabbing pain. My thoughts albeit somewhat perplexed: debating GZJLGMLT + ZSXBGZT, and to add GZFLW? Increase GZ?

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      GZRST is my first thought.

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      Arnaud Versluys

      Hardly any symptoms, and I’m still unsure why the right cun is that way. Sorry.

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      Ahhh! Case studies of the JGYL: “..pediatrics and urination issues: polyuria, nocturia (1) ZWT -BS, +GZ, (2) TXS+DXWT/GZRST peeing troubles, (3) GZJNT and the use of ML to get rid of heat; Could use SQW for urinary, but never has–seal not broken, so unlikely to have xue xu of kidneys…” (had i written “urination” and not “peeing” I could have found that sooner). Thank you!

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      Arnaud Versluys

      10g per day should be minimum

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      Stephen Bonzak
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