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      Dominik Daling

      Got my first pregnancy case with herbs who is currently on CHGZGJT w/ cough modification, and I am wondering how to follow up given the following symptoms. The following have improved on the formula: dry mouth, sleep, dry cough, pain and cramps in the lower abdomen, slight tightness in the epigastrium and BMs which were a hint constipated (she now evacuates more easily). The following have not improved yet: fatigue, restlessness, wakes up at night, red pustulas in the stomach 3-4 region, heat of palms and soles, conditions worse in warm-damp weather, stuffy nose and ocasional nose bleeds. Pulse: L roll, cun sup slippery wiry, guan slippery wiry, chi wiry mid and possibly a dong I/II. R cun slippery, guan bigger hollow and wiry, chi sup slippery wiry. I am still new to this and being extra careful with pregnancy. This is also why I did not prescribe GZFLW last time. I also do not know how much of the slippery quality in pregnancy should be addressed. What surprised me: the slipperiness INCREASED with CHGZGJT (is that due to the progressing pregnancy or the formula?) and the pulse seems less suppressed. But I do not see any signs of giving a JZT or the likes. Any brilliant suggestions for me? Thanks so much.

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      I’m wondering as we use GLMLS to dissolve masses/hardness if we shouldn’t be using it in pregnancy? I’d be happier using GZFLW than CHGZGJT for example, but maybe that’s me, and I’m unduly concerned about how CHGZGJT contains GLMLS.

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