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      Esther van Dorst

      31 y/o PhD student with stomach complaints for 2 years. Continuous w/ a lot of burping (sounds like frogs meeting other frogs), nausea, hunger and thirst. Belly feels distended. Place of distension can vary: whole abdomen, upper abdomen and lower abdomen can all get distended. Can’t stand alcohol, fatty foods and even pressure from clothes. Last month she had headaches, acne above the eyes, stinky flatulence and yellow mucus with the stools. Defeacation is between constipation (rabbit stools) and soft pencils drops. It tends to float. She has hashimoto disease. Doctors recently found a cyst nearby the pituary gland. They recently dropped the dose of the euthyrox. Also recently pantaprazol because of sour regurgitation. Other symptoms: sweating in the groin, upper lip, diaphragm; some attacks and vertigo lately. She drinks a lot of water, and she pees a lot, too. Menstruation disappeared since December, and before the cycle was regular, but profuse bleeding. She tells me that her palms and feet are cold, but on the touch, it is more the toes and fingers. Pulse: 60 regular. Left side: 1e roll sup, thin; 2e mid thin wiry; 3e deep faint. Right side: 1e thin tight roll; 2e bigger thin wiry. Abdomen: skin feels dry, but warm, some subcostal tension at the side of the liver, and there’s a pi. She’s also sensitive around the navel. I think this case needs harmonization. Would DCHT be a good place to start?

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      Yes, DCHT would be an excellent place to start, and then maybe out via SNS+XB, or possibly even LZW+ZS and maybe XB if it goes more towards a damper center.

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      Anja Horosz

      Hi Ester. First idea while I was reading your case presentation was despite that you may need to harmonize, you might consider herbs like Jupi and Zhuru, as in Jupi Zhuru Tang. Of course, no combination with BX. So it’s only working if there is no dampness, but dry air.

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