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      Esther van Dorst

      Cystitis for the forth time in 2 months. She had several ab, and developed a vaginal fungus on top of it.Symptoms:feels the bladder constantly (bloated?) fullurination is painfullurine is dark, smelly and turbidbefore she had blood in urinethirststools regular, consistence variesleft: 1e deep faint, sl. roll; 2e sup thin wiry; 3e deep thinright: 1e tight , roll up; 2e big thin wiry, possibly a small dong (right side bigger than left); 3e deep thinpossibly guans are just wiry, but i think i feel a thin edge to itI am thinking CHGZGJT-HQ+FL+ YCH. Or should I follow WLS/ZLT/THCQT approach?

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