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      Frank Brazkiewicz

      Dear Colleagues,I need some help with a 74 old Lady with chronic Cystitis /irritable bladder syndrome for a very long time.Symptoms: Frequent urination (every hour), sometimes burning, also in the night (5-8x), Urin normal color not hot or cold..Sweating on the head, Dyssomnia, awake at 4, can not fall asleep again.Mamma Ca 2005 with surgery, radiation & Tamoxifen, art. Hypertension (Bisoprolol plus), tongue little livid, little dry yellow coating.Puls: L&R “Podium pulse”, both chi deep + wiry, guan floating, full wiry, cun middle to superficialAfter THCQT no blood any more, less pain, next WLS 1 month nothing better, went to SQW with FZ60g, no reaction. Then tried to harmonize with CHGZT, no reaction at all. Do you have any suggestions?

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