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      Forty year old female and 16 weeks pregnant (2nd pregnancy). First pregnancy was in Jan 2015. She lost the baby at 17 weeks due to the umbilical cord around baby’s neck. Current CCs: lower abdominal pain/discomfort, spotting, SOB, heart palpitations, flushing/hot face with anxiety or anger. Outside of that, she is always cold. BMs are every other day, and she has trouble sleeping. She has been having vivid dreams of a sexual nature, and after each dream, she bleeds (volume varies) and has some degree of pain or discomfort in lower abdomen. Doctor has checked her and says she’s ok. Her lower abdomen also is uncomfortable or painful after too much standing or walking. Feels very bloated and full. She has come in to see me on and off since Nov ’15. I started seeing her again in Aug. at 12 wks pregnant. I harmonized with CHGZT modified, and then moved to DGJZT +LG/ML/FL24g. No changes/improvements. As you can imagine, she is VERY anxious…and that was a problem when she 1st started, so now it is amplified with her fear of loosing this baby. Pulses: strong bilateral rolling up. Left: superficial cun, deep guan, xu, sl. slippery, with a tendency to expire, chi deep, thin, wiry. Right: cun is slippery, guan is bigger, thin. I’m feeling a little anxious myself. There is a lot at stack here…I just want to get her to term and deliver a healthy baby!

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      She’s going to try GZRST +EJ to start.

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      On the other hand, a GZSYZMT could also be worth a try, as I think I recall AV telling us that MH does not need a superficial pulse if the damp is sitting at the organ level. Or go FZT, which would incorporate the deep wiry aspect plus roll-up of the ZWT plus the RS for the LHS dong I/II, and would sort of fit the symptom description. Heck, so many choices here with a deep pulse, that once again, it is hard to differentiate. Hence the insecurity…

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