Student Guide to Online Study



The online Canonical Chinese Medicine Training™ consists of video recordings of the full live training as designed by Dr. Arnaud Versluys and taught by him with the assistance of co-instructors trained in the system.


The online format is intended as an alternative for live seminars to those who are unable to travel to attend courses. The online courses can also function as refresher courses for Diplomates who have already taken the whole series. And they can allow individuals who are still missing a few seminars towards completing and receiving their DCCM an opportunity to finish their training and move on to the next level of seminars.


Seminars can be purchased individually, or whole blocks of seminars can be purchased together. Bulk purchases offer a discount, which is processed automatically at checkout. After purchase of a seminar, the student will have a total of 6 months of access to the video recordings, after which the access times out automatically. The videos cannot be downloaded. Completion of the online quiz after each seminar grants the student an automatically generated NCCAOM-approved and downloadable certificate of CEUs.


All online seminars can be taken individually. However, it is highly advisable that the seminars are studied in their proper sequence. The program is designed incrementally and the content of each seminar relies on the content of the seminar preceding it. At the end of each seminar, after completion of all the lessons, the student will be required to take an online quiz. Successful completion of the quiz will finalize said module and be the cue to proceed to the next seminar. After completion of all Shanghan Lun and all Jingui Yaolue lessons and quizzes, your status will state ‘100%completed’ and you will be allowed to graduate and receive your Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine (DCCM) designation, thus joining an ever-growing family of highly skilled classical herbalists.


An integral part of the Tian-Zeng lineage system, and the strength of the Canonical Chinese Medicine style of Zhang Zhongjing, is pulse diagnosis. During the online part of your training, you will be able to study all relevant Han dynasty pulse diagnosis theory online. However, the actual transmission of the Tian-Zeng proprietary pulse knowledge is only conferred in actual live seminar setting. To this end, ICEAM will host, once per year, a Pulse Transmission and Practicum Seminar. This seminar will be open to all online students and instruct on the Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue pulse diagnosis secrets of the Tian-Zeng lineage.Combined with the aforementioned live seminar offered annually, will be two days of training in abdominal diagnosis. Fukushin or abdominal diagnosis is not necessarily within the purview of oral transmission only, but the highly tactile nature of the seminars requires one to come and train in person. As such, the two days of pulse transmission and practicum mentioned above will then be combined with another two days of abdominal diagnosis instruction and practice. Plus such seminars allow students in online cohorts to gather annually and meet with their classmates. There will be one four-day seminar per sequence.