Heiner Fruehauf, PhD, LAc

“I first heard about Mr. Versluys years ago when my mentor in China reported that ‘an outstanding Belgian student’ had entered the local TCM master’s program to study under his tutelage. For the next couple of years, I kept hearing more about the talents of this young acolyte; his extraordinary fluency in both spoken and written Chinese, his multi-lingual abilities, his prolific translation endeavors, his spiritual pilgrimages to Tibet, and most importantly, his fervent dedication to Classical Chinese Medicine. In addition to his excellent work at the University, he spent most of his free time to seek out distinguished physicians who practice outside the academic system and study with them under the traditional discipleship system. Since Mr. Versluys became a faculty member at NCNM’s Department of Classical Chinese Medicine, he has more than fulfilled my highest expectations; he quickly earned a reputation as one of our Department’s most popular and academically most rigorous faculty members.”

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