Alon Marcus, DOM, LAc, DAAPM

“If you are craving clear and immediately clinically relevant access to classical Chinese medicine I would highly recommend you take Dr. Versluys canonical Chinese medicine training. I am a student of Chinese medicine for over 25 years and the lineage of classical medicine that Dr. Versluys teaches is the most clinically relevant approach I have come across. His approach to teaching the classical information is what a Western mind craves: clarity and focus on fundamental principles instead of the dry and barely relevant approach we are all so familiar with. His teachings truly give access to the classics, a rare gift. The pulse system that he teaches makes more sense, and is immediately clinically accessible more than anything I have been exposed to. With ease one is able to immediately move to formula selection. More importantly these pulse interpretations truly fit what one sees in daily modern practice, again a unique and rare system. Dr. Versluys’ knowledge of Chinese medicine, especially formulas for which he received two postgraduate degrees, is impressive and rarely seen in the West or even China.”

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