“If you are craving clear and immediately clinically relevant access to classical Chinese medicine I would highly recommend you take Dr. Versluys canonical Chinese medicine training. I am a student of Chinese medicine for over 25 years and the lineage of classical medicine that Dr. Versluys teaches is the most clinically relevant approach I have come across. His approach to teaching the classical information is what a Western mind craves: clarity and focus on fundamental principles instead of the dry and barely relevant approach we are all so familiar with. His teachings truly give access to the classics, a rare gift. The pulse system that he teaches makes more sense, and is immediately clinically accessible more than anything I have been exposed to. With ease one is able to immediately move to formula selection. More importantly these pulse interpretations truly fit what one sees in daily modern practice, again a unique and rare system. Dr. Versluys’ knowledge of Chinese medicine, especially formulas for which he received two postgraduate degrees, is impressive and rarely seen in the West or even China.”

“Arnaud Versluys is uniquely qualified to teach the Shanghan Lun, a text with tremendous depth and the root of the internal medicine tradition in Chinese medicine. He is one of the few, perhaps the only, Westerner to train from the very beginning to a PhD degree in mainland Chinese medical schools. In addition he is the only Westerner to be an official part of a lineage school of Shanghan Lun practitioners, certainly the only one teaching in Western countries on a regular basis. Although he is still a young man, I strongly recommend that practitioners of Chinese medicine study with Arnaud as he has devoted many years to penetrating the essential theory and clinical applications of the Shanghan Lun, Jingui Yaolue and Suwen, and presents material never before offered to Western audiences.”

“I first heard about Mr. Versluys years ago when my mentor in China reported that ‘an outstanding Belgian student’ had entered the local TCM master’s program to study under his tutelage. For the next couple of years, I kept hearing more about the talents of this young acolyte; his extraordinary fluency in both spoken and written Chinese, his multi-lingual abilities, his prolific translation endeavors, his spiritual pilgrimages to Tibet, and most importantly, his fervent dedication to Classical Chinese Medicine. In addition to his excellent work at the University, he spent most of his free time to seek out distinguished physicians who practice outside the academic system and study with them under the traditional discipleship system. Since Mr. Versluys became a faculty member at NCNM’s Department of Classical Chinese Medicine, he has more than fulfilled my highest expectations; he quickly earned a reputation as one of our Department’s most popular and academically most rigorous faculty members.”

“Dr. Versluys has a high degree of integrity and cheerful personality. With his mature academic ability and strong sense of responsibility, he continues to draw very favorable appraisal from his students as well as his colleagues.”

“I found the seminar to be excellent in all respects. The quality of the presenter, his obvious depth of knowledge, and clear and enthusiastic delivery was the first impression. The material itself, while challenging, was presented in such a way as to shine a new light on the Shanghan Lun and the clinical thinking of Zhang Zhong Jing. As I rely heavily in clinic on the principles and formulas derived from the Shanghan Lun, I found the new perspective refreshing and revealing. Well done.”

“During the past four to five years, Dr. Versluys has established himself as an authority in the field of Chinese herbal medicine in the occidental world. His frequent lectures across Europe and Canada, and his numerous publications are clear testaments to this affect. I can strongly endorse Dr. Versluys as a valuable contributor to the area of medicine in the USA!”

“Arnaud was awesome! He’s a machine. He’s the SHL TERMINATOR. He knows TCM back to front, inside out and it’s all in his head!! Everything you ever couldn’t understand, he has the answer and it all fits together. It all comes out like a machine gun, one amazing gem after another. Arnaud, I hope you’ll be back! This has to be the best TCM event in Australia for a long time.”

“That was the best seminar I have ever attended. I’ve been to tonnes. The content, presentation and organization were excellent. Arnaud is very knowledgeable, dedicated, enthusiastic and willing to share his experience – a combination very hard to find. It really inspired me to believe, adore and practice classical Chinese Medicine.”

“The seminar was fantastic. Arnaud’s knowledge is profound, broad and practical. He showed an extraordinary ability to present classical material in a systematic way that gave new insights into the methodology of this important text. He was entertaining and easy to listen to. He presented complex ideas in a coherent way that was mostly easy to follow, and this was a remarkable feat, given the abstract and theoretical nature of the material. He managed to keep us aware of how the theory was going to contribute to a practical methodology once we had it down pat. I would go to any lecture he gave on any subject, I think. Thank you for this superb seminar!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It was clinical action-based on sound ancient theory and is so topical and appropriate for treatment of today’s complex diseases. Thanks to Arnaud for contextualizing the Shanghan Lun and placing it into a clinical model that enhances one’s ability to put it into practice.”