Marie Hopkinson

2 weeks later – I did TXS+GCGJT+WWZ & FL24 – pulse changed alot, but symptoms not alot of difference. First 3 days of the herbs the sleep was better, but then back to the same. The cough at night–> poor sleep is the M/C. She is now off antibiotics and has been on prednisolone for past 5 days. Pulse now: both sides alot deeper, less forceful. No big leathery feeling like before. L: R/U, H&K not comm, 1. deep tight, 2. deep/bottom of mid, thin-wiry, 3. deeper. R: R/U, 1. tight wiry mid, 2. big-tight, 3. deep. Should I keep her on the same formula? Can the WWZ be increased (it’s at 12g now) to stop the cough at night?