If he is thirsty, then you will at least have to minus the BX and add THF if you go the XXT route, and I’d be using extra GJ and SJ to protect his center if you do. But the thirst with the urination you describe could be an indicator for BZ. His blood sounds very cold, so in the end you, may end up in a DGSNT that moves his bowels via warming. With the dryness in the bowels, it is tempting to suggest flushing him out with a MX based formula, and then moving to a GZRST plus SNS maybe. Or HLT (heat above, cold below) minus BX plus THF comes to mind. HLT (no HQin with his cold blood could be good, especially if he has already had heaps of it with the prior XCHT and already tried to be harmonised there), plus SNS is also possible. Also would you say his pulses are hollow? So if that is more confusing than helpful, I would suggest start with HLT(-BX+THF) plus SNS (not a normal mod, I know, and may not be acceptable, but is just what is coming to mind), then when the heat clears above, go SNS plus GZRST. Then hopefully you’ll be able to move from there to a JZT or DGSNT.