Clint Cain

A few random thoughts:SNS is a formula that helps qi/lesser fire move and descend via earth. When wood fails to fan fire, fire becomes weak and stuck, and weak fire floats — shaoyin. This stuck fire — shaoyang — heats up locally; other parts of the body cool off; the earth dries out, and wood may invade earth. If fire is too weak to descend, and/or if wood is invading earth causing obstruction to descending, then the lower cools off while the upper warms up — a separation of yin and yang, or shaoyin pattern.SNS can look like ZWT — cold limbs, abdominal pain, loose BMs, cough — and ZWT is a shaoyin-jueyin-taiyang formula.SNS is found within DCHT, a formula that treats wood invading earth and obstruction in the middle with failed descending of yang causing loss of yin below. DCHT is much more related to a surface and shi event though.Can someone else explain this more clearly, please?