Christoph Ludwig Beer

Hi Dominik Daling, I have some experience to offer on both topics: First, if your patient can’t spend much on herbs, that’s just sad, but in general there seem to be two avenues: If the disease is acute and serious, do bulk and normal dosage. If the condition is chronic, but not too serious (like exhaustion), then I found that even down to 9g per day of granules of something like TXS or SQW still worked, not as fast maybe, but patient was advised it might take longer, so they’re fine with that because they think they’re spending less money. Second scenario is the issue about powered bulk herbs. Quite a few ICEAMERs have tried this method in the past and it seems to work – however, to me there are still questions remaining on how to properly cook FZ when it’s ground up, or cooking times of volatile herbs that if cooked too long could lose their main active agents. For the time being, I’m getting people to cook powered prescriptions for 10 min, and then strain them, or 30 min if they contain aconite.I’d be interested in what other people’s thoughts are on this, like Laurie Ayres or J-p Staats or Dominic Harbinson.