Clint Cain

What do you think of these pulses? On 10/4/17 a 31 year-old female came into my clinic with a main complaint of stress that manifests as headaches and upper body tension. She is a very busy PhD student right now. Her headaches are in her eyes and at her anterior hairline. She has them on a daily basis, and they are a low level ache. She also has some difficulty concentrating, and some difficulty falling asleep. She was diagnosed with low grade Spondyloslisthesis at L5-S1. With this, she has some lower back pain, very tight hamstrings, and some tingling, numbness, and pain down her left Gb channel. She also feels some of these sensations on the very bottom of her foot. This has been going on for at least eight years. She also tends to get some seasonal allergies, mostly manifesting with dryness of the nose, eyes, and mouth. When she does come down with an acute illness, it manifests as nasal congestion and sinus pain. Her stress also causes some abdominal tension, not really pain, and she can have 2-3 BM/day that are loose when her stress is high enough. This occurs about three times per week. She is constipated before her menses. She has a lot of pain before her menses, and some very small clots with dark xue. She was sweating easily during the acupuncture treatment, and even felt a bit dizzy and nauseous at times, but nothing that was so severe that we had to stop. I practice Japanese acupuncture, and am always very aware of the amount of stimulus I am providing, so this says to me that she is quite sensitive. Pulses: L: 1 and 2 slightly deep thin wiry, 3 deep thin, dong 1-2, faint and slightly expiring overall; R: 1 slightly wiry tight, 2 thin slightly big expiring, 3 deep thin faint, slight rolling up. Herbs: I started her on CHGZGJT + ZSXBGZT. With the faint and slightly expiring pulses, I see the need to treat shaoyin and jueyin, but I am not sure how to approach it. Help please.