Christoph Ludwig Beer

Talking about XXTs, here’s my humble opinion: so far, I had literally 100s of patients that manifested with some sort of XXT. Now, interestingly, in some of them the wiry long quality with deep cun just never seems to fade. Still, taking the XXT they feel better overall, but some other layer problems are not adressed. True enough, I sometimes tried to disregard the XXT and view it as something else like water under the heart, but in only very few cases that worked. I have a patient where right now the pulse screams at me “GANCAO XIE XIN TANG ME, YA MOTHERSMURFER!”, and the patient is a bit restless since not so much is changing at the moment, but I WILL NOT change the formula. It’ll only make matters worse, create more confusion, etc. So Dominik Daling, if you are sure from the pulse that this still is a XXT, and since there have been good results, just tell him to be patient and wait until that part of his pathology is settled. Be firm and confident with what you have diagnosed. Now there may be little modifications possible, but the heart of the pathology and the core of the formula will be a dry stomach, so adding HQ or whatever won’t be that decisive either. But I am happy to stand corrected should someone have a good idea here.