Dominik Daling

Laurie Ayres: this patient is much better, but what is most noticeable is his wheezing breathing sound and the heart clenching feeling when walking up a hill quickly. The epigastric block and chest tightness are gone, though. He easily sweats at the back, and has been under a lot of stress due to problems at work. He cannot fall asleep and wakes early. The last prescription, BXXXT + FL12/GZ9 + GL18 wasn’t able to moderate the sleeping issues. Feels very cold and has cold feet. Emotionally angry and depressed, but controlled. His legs show significant varicose veins, and this makes me think of the wiry chis as blood stagnation. Pulses: superficial, wiry and a bit hollow. L: rolls up, cun almost superficial, guan superficial, chi in between cun and guan. R: rolls up, cun floating tight, guan and chi superficial level thin and wiry. He has been on CHjLGMLT/CHGZGJT/BXXXT for quite a while now, and the question is when to move towards the yin realm (maybe his pulses are more hollow than I thought; though they do feel clearly wiry. However, they haven’t dropped in the least on all these herbs). Can I incorporate HQi into a CHT to start material tonification at the same time? Are there other options with the floating wiry quality of basically all pulses?