Yes exactly. I see a lot of FZ + mineral anchoring in many of these blood and bone cancers, as you say yang floats hitting metal (upper source of fluids and where the 100 vessels converge) and the pericardium (all adverse upward rushing belongs to fire – possibly this is what’s causing the excessive proliferation of cells?), and then dries out the blood (also floats to the head – brain is filled with marrow). In the earlier stages, I often see things like GZJNT or TXS, and as the blood dries out more SQW+TXS, and at later stages when the blood is really dry and the pulses have become more drumskin DHZCW. Here definitely harmonise first. Then once the thin wiry L has reduced, start rooting the yang. As the R chi is now showing findings, then SQW+TXS may be more appropriate. I was also thinking on top of the GZJTN I mentioned before, you could also think about adding YZ&SM if you wanted a little more cooling on top, or if he is really showing a little more heat at first a EJLGMLT could also be an option. But while that R chi is there SQW+TXS is where I’d go (with TXW+GLQMW as a possible backup).