Lutz Gädke

Thank you, Laurie, for your detailed answer. Yesterday evening the patient was back with me. Here is a pulse update: slightly fast overall, L guan big, thin, wiry w/ the chi tight. R chi slightly tight. I could hardly feel the slipperyness. Regular bowel movements (but tend to be somewhat dry). His general condition was better. However, the last bleed is now 4 weeks back. On the previous day, blood was taken only shortly before.He received a bloodletting of 500 ml of blood every 2 weeks. Now the rhythm is 4 weekly. Laurie, I see the speedbump in the pulse (ht/kid) or the need to first harmonize. What worries me is that this is a cancer-like event in the bone marrow. We treat cancer as an abscess. What’s going on here? The yang of the kidneys and thus the function of consolidation is weak? Yang rises and heats up the blood (in the bone marrow), which makes it dry? This manifests itself in the excessive formation of thrombocytes, which makes the blood thicker/drier. Is that correct?