Andrea Anderson

Hi Laurie. Thank you for your response – it really helped me rethink this case. I ended up giving my patient CHGZGJT-THF+BX,GG. Patient felt equally good on this formula as the XXT formulas. Nose continues to feel less dry. BP is coming down. Energy continues to be significantly better. Sleep mostly good, but a little bit of waking sometimes. There is still eye sensitivity: patient says the eyes get dry and foggy, and there is a sense of film over his eyes especially when looking at screens. Pulse now looks like: L r/u, cun deeper, slippery, guan middepth wiry, dong 1/2, chi deep wiry. R cun deep tight, guan big wiry, maybe dong, chi deep and not wiry. Overall pulse feels less deep. I can see the CHGZGJT pattern. I see less of the GG since the R cun is less big and more deep, tight. I am thinking I will give CHGZGJT+FL and JH.