Emma Howe

My 7 year old boy came in today for a follow up after a few phone calls to the mum over the last few months. He is sweating! After never, EVER sweating before, he is sweating! Not profusely, but he is actually getting wet and clammy at soccer training and after wrestling his brother (who also suffers the same thing). The wobbly feelings in his legs are much less than they used to be, but he still gets quite sore in his joints and stiff if he sits for a period (anything more than 20 minutes). I have had him on GZEYBYT (but with XR instead of MH- due to inability to use it, not because I wanted to necessarily). Thanks for your help back in March Laurie Ayres; it was invaluable. I would never have ever thought I could help this little boy until I started this course.