One possibility is YBWW, but that’s similar to what you’ve done thus far, so with all pulses deep and wiry, I’d agree with Christoph Ludwig Beer on ZWT, as everything else you’ve tried so far. Though having FZ has also had an element of cooling the lower too, SD, QM, MDP etc. and though you would typically need an element of that when the urination is dribbling, it hasn’t fully worked. I’d just go with straight warming and then you get a clear answer either way. From what you’ve done so far you can conclude that warming is not wrong, as urine isn’t dark, and the warming you’ve done (though combined with some cooling) hasn’t led to an exacerbation, but to a slight improvement. If there is bleeding at the time, then you could also do ZWT –BS +GJ, just to keep the message clear, otherwise start unmodified.