Ultimately radiotherapy will damage the blood layer and also put a lot of heat in the fluid layer from my experience. But first you need to go through the stages. WBLXS – post surgery has GC 24, YCH 24, Sang Bai Pi 24 which all will clear a lot of redness and inflamation in the tissues. You could also increase Huang Qin from 6-9g to address Shaoyang (breast area) and triple warmer heat and congestion. This is a good first step post surgery. Then, you will need to harmonize (treat yang before treating yin). You mentioned the Right side is bigger, but is this the R guan? What about the other pulse positions? Left guan level? Left cun any slipperiness? If the R guan is bigger and the pulse is long on the left, or guan and chi are wiry and both wiry and level, you could go through a GCXXT, which can take heat and inflammation out of the tissues . I have seen a GCXXT pattern with chemo before in my clinic. The other option is a CH method. If there is no nausea, and the guan is big: CHGZGJT is an option. If there is nausea : XCHT -DZ plus ML may be an option. Here you could also think about adding the BS and MDP mod either during the period or after some of the heat is gone. This way you’re beginning to address the blood layer…Once the pulse changes, follow up with: HQJZT or DGJZT to nourish the blood and regenerate the tissues …But go through the stages first.