The Nineteen Lines on Pathology

Chapter seventy-four of the Great Treatise on the Essence of the Utmost Truth zhizhen yaodalun of the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor huangdi neijing records the most encompassing and original rules in Chinese medicine pathology. The nineteen patterns, most commonly known as the Nineteen Lines on Pathology, are considered to be the most authoritative instructions on classical etio-pathology and the only discourse where a differentiation method based on the five phase energetics is presented.

There is great difficulty in understanding these instructions, because they cannot be researched from merely a more modern Qing dynasty organ differentiation standpoint that we are most accustomed to. As such, the only path to full understanding of the lines is an evaluation from all possible angles in classical Chinese medicine thinking. This evaluation will be engaged in by cross-referencing other classics like the Classic of Difficulties nan jing, as well as later commentaries by masters like Zhang Jingyue, etc.

The lines are structured along a twofold grid: the first outline along the five solid organs; while the second outline is arranged along the six Qi or six climatic influences. During the course, all Solid Organ patterns will be studied and explained along with the most representative lines on the Six Qi. As such, this course will provide the participant with a definitive understanding on classical Chinese medicine pathology and an excellent tool for the evaluation of difficult cases in clinic.