The Diseases of the Jingui Yaolue, Part 1

This is the authoritative instruction of the etio-pathology and treatment of over 70 complex diseases recorded in the Essentials of the Golden Cabinet or Jingui Yaolue. Virtually all illnesses of the original text are discussed in great detail, allowing the student to gain an ultimate and conclusive insight into the pathomechanisms behind these often chronic, recalcitrant and debilitating illnesses. The formulas used in the Jingui are taught in their respective clinical contexts.

Includes instruction on disease progression of complex illnesses, and treatment strategy along that sequence. The bulk of the instruction of both weekends follows the original order of the Jingui, chapter by chapter, line by line.

Furthermore, all thirty-six women’s diseases are instructed in great detail. The thirty-six women’s diseases are the blueprint of all ob-gyn in Chinese medicine. Understanding of the thirty-six diseases allows the student to master obstetrics and gynecology as practiced by Zhang Zhongjing.

Content List:

Convulsion Disease (jing)
Dampness Disease (shi)
Summer-heat Disease (ye)
Lily Bulb Disease (baihe bing)
Fox and Confusion Disease (huhuo bing)
Yin Yang Toxin Disease (yinyang du bing)
Malaria Disease (nuebing)
Wind Strike Disease (zhongfeng bing)
Digit and Articulation Disease (lijie bing)
Blood Impediment Disease (xuebi bing)
Deficiency Taxation Disease (xulao bing)
Lung Wasting Disease (feiwei bing)
Lung Abscess Disease (feiyong)
Cough and Averse Qi Flow (kesou shangqi)
Running Piglet Disease (bentun bing)
Chest Obstruction Disease (xiongbi bing)
Heart Pain Disease (xintong bing)
Shortness of Breath (qi duan)
Abdominal Fullness Disease (fuman bing)
Cold Hernia Disease (hanshan bing)
Food Stagnation Disease (sushi bing)
Wind Cold Disease of the Five Solid Organs (wuzang fenghan bing)
Liver Stickiness
Spleen Constraint
Kidney Stickiness
Phlegm Rheum Cough Disease (tanyin kesou bing)
Consumptive Thirst Disease (xiaoke bing)
Dripping Urination Disease (xiaobian linli bing)
Water Qi Disease (shuiqi bing)
Jaundice Disease (huangdan bing)
Fright and Scare Disease (jingji bing)
Vomiting and Diarrhea Disease (outu xiali bing)
Vomiting of Blood, Nosebleeds and Collapse of Blood Disease (tu niu xiaxue bing)
Sores and Abscesses Disease (chuangyong bing)
Weeping Sores Disease (qinyin chuangbing)
Pregnancy Diseases: pregnancy (furen Renshen bing: renshen)
Pregnancy Diseases: preexisting mass disease (sujia bing)
Pregnancy Diseases: threatening miscarriage (cold)
Pregnancy Diseases: Womb Congestion (baozhu) with spotting (hot) (louxia)
Pregnancy Diseases: Abdominal Pain (jiaotong)
Pregnancy Diseases: Vomiting (outu)
Pregnancy Diseases: Difficult Urination (hot) (xiaobian nan)
Pregnancy Diseases: Water Qi, Difficult Urination (cold) (shuiqi)
Pregnancy Diseases: pregnancy support (hot)
Pregnancy Diseases: pregnancy support (cold)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum cold (chanhou yumao)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum fever (chanhou fare)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum abdominal pain (chanhou futong)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum abdominal pain (qi) (chanhou futong)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum abdominal pain (blood) (chanhou futong)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum abdominal pain (heat) (chanhou futong)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum wind-cold (chronic) (chanhou zhongfeng)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum wind-cold (acute) (chanhou zhongfeng)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum dysentery and extreme deficiency (chanhou xiali jixu)
Post-partum Diseases: post-partum fatigue (chanhou xuying buzu)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Heat Entering the Blood Chamber (re ru xueshi)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Plumpit Qi (meihe qi)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Visceral Unrest (zangzao)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Below the Belt Disease (daixia bing)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Inhibited Menstrual Flow (jingshui buli)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Sharp Abdominal Pain (fuzheng chitong)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Twisted Bladder (zhuanbao)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Menstrual Collapse (xianjing)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Hard Uterus and Incessant Leucorrhea (zangjian pi buzhi)
Women’s Complex Diseases: Vaginal Flatulence (yin cui)