Shanghan Lun Lines Transmission, Taiyang Chapter (Lines 1-178)

After successful completion of the basic Canonical Chinese Medicine training, and certification as a Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine, one becomes eligible to start to study the actual clauses of the Han dynasty Treatise on Cold Damage, or Shanghan Lun.

The more than eighteen century old Shanghan Lun is some of the hardest subject matter one can attempt to research in the whole of Chinese medicine. This can only be commenced after a thorough grasp of the basic concepts of the training. As such, this seminar is only available to Diplomates.

During this seminar, Dr. Arnaud Versluys will read the whole Shanghan Lun line by line, and share commentary and annotation by transmitting the knowledge and understanding of the Tian lineage seniors. ICEAM has also been fortunate to receive the late Dr. Zheng Guanglu’s Shanghan Lun study notes, which are now integrated into the course as commentary on the lines.

This seminar is the integral video recording of the Shanghan Lun Lines Retreat offered in Piestany, Slovakia in June 2017. This seminar comprises of all the lines of the Taiyang chapter from line 1 to line 178.