Tyler Rowe, B.Ac, B.Chin.Med, LAc, DCCM, FICEAM

Specialty Instructor, Sydney Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine
Clinical Fellow


Tyler J. Rowe began his study of Chinese Medicine in 1994 at Victoria University of Technology, in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Acupuncture in 1997 and a Bachelor Degree of Chinese Herbal Medicine in 1999. He was a lecturer and clinical supervisor in both the Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Departments of Victoria University from 2000– 2004.

In 2009 Tyler began his studies with Dr. Arnaud Versluys and in 2011 enrolled in the Canonical Chinese Medicine™ program in Melbourne, Australia. He graduated as a Diplomate of Canonical Chinese Medicine in 2013 and since then has continued working towards completion of his clinical fellowship. Tyler has also been training in classical acupuncture with David White at the Institute of Neijing Research since 2015.

Tyler is in private practice in Melbourne, Australia, where his emphasis is on complex and difficult to treat conditions. In addition, he speaks both domestically and internationally on his main area of research interest – the practical application of classical Chinese geomancy and astronomy texts. In recent years this has led to the development and teaching of a specialty course on the medical application of the ‘Five Movements and Six Qi wuyun liuqi’ system within the structure of the Canonical Chinese Medicine training at ICEAM.