Roman Szymula, MS, LAC, DCCM

Director, Gdansk Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine

Roman Szymula started his education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in 2001 in the Avicenna Institute in Cracow, Poland. Shortly after graduation, in 2006, he established TOMO Center for Education in TCM, which later evolved into TOMO School of TCM (, the first school in Poland with structured education in both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Mr. Szymula is the current head of the TOMO acupuncture department.

He further participated in advanced courses on acupuncture at the International Acupuncture Training Center of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in China, where he graduated in 2009.

Mr. Szymula holds a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. The topic of his Master’s research was the treatment of postherpetic occipital neuralgia with acupressure.

In 2014, he started studying at the Institute of Applied Channel Theory in Beijing, under the guidance of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi. He followed Dr. Wang until his death in 2017. He now continues his studies with Dr. Wang’s apprentices.

Mr. Szymula completed his Canonical Chinese Medicine© training at the Stockholm ICEAM, where he received his certification as Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine© in 2015.

Nowadays, Roman runs a private clinic in Gdansk, Poland, with his wife Dobrochna. He has participated in the coordination of all educational and clinical activities of Gdansk ICEAM since its inception in 2016, and currently holds the position of Director of Gdansk ICEAM.

Roman may be reached at