Dobrochna Szymula, MA, DCCM

Clinic Coordinator/ Assistant-Director, Gdansk Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine

Mrs. Dobrochna Szymula holds an MA in Sociology from Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. Her interest in the reception and understanding of Eastern philosophical and religious concepts and ideas in the Western world, ultimately led her into the domain of East Asian medicine. Since 2006 she has coordinated educational activities at the TOMO Center of Oriental Medicine in Gdansk, Poland.

Between 2011 and 2013 she studied at the European Shiatsu School in Warsaw, Poland. And since 2017, she has been training in Applied Channel Theory, under the guidance of Dr. Jonathan Chang, at the Linglang Clinic in Beijing, China. She is an experienced translator and interpreter from English into Polish, cooperating with several lecturers of East Asian Medicine in Europe.

She attended the inaugural Canonical Chinese MedicineĀ© training at the Gdansk ICEAM, and received her certification as Diplomate in Canonical Chinese MedicineĀ© in 2022.

Dobrochna practices in clinic in both Gdansk and Warsaw, Poland. She is responsible for the organization of all educational activities and clinical trainings in Gdansk ICEAM.

Dobrochna may be reached at